welcome to kin aesthetics!
please read at least the rules, sources, blacklist, catalogue before requesting!


  1. fictives AND factives are welcome to request

  2. check the account bio to see if requests are open before asking

  3. one request per ask

  4. if you repost, please give me credit

  5. you don't need to give credit for using an icon unless someone asks

  6. please be patient as i'm a full time student, but after a week has passed without me fulfilling your request, you are allowed to harass me

  7. please include your character/person's full name and source in your ask, especially if it's not in sources

  8. if you want a wallpaper, include your phone resolution

  9. if you send in a request that isn't a listed source and requires me to have some knowledge of the character (moodboard, wallpaper, etc) please give me some way to contact you so i can ask questions

  10. if you want me to utilize any fanart, show me proof of the artist saying it's okay to use/repost it


  • among us

  • animal crossing

  • attack on titan

  • bbc sherlock

  • black butler

  • boku no hero academia

  • criminal minds

  • danganronpa (1&2)

  • dc extended universe

  • deltarune

  • detroit: become human

  • disney films

  • dream smp

  • five nights at freddy's

  • good omens

  • gravity falls

  • harry potter

  • homestuck/pesterquest

  • into the spiderverse

  • marvel cinematic universe

  • minecraft

  • oc/non-canon characters

  • otherkin

  • overwatch

  • sally face

  • steven universe

  • teenage mutant ninja turtles

  • the adventure zone

  • the umbrella academy

  • tim burton films

  • undertale

  • youtuber egos


  • s/lf h/rm imagery or reference

  • sui. by h//ging imagery or reference

  • slurs i cannot reclaim

  • p/do or in//st ships

  • trans/homophobia themes

  • racist themes

  • nsfw themes for non-aged up minor characters

  • p/rnographic imagery (unless you want to pay me and can prove you're 18+, in which case dm me)

  • fact kin (yes, there's a difference b/w this and factives; no i won't change my mind)

  • any adam driver characters

  • irl criminals

  • j/ffree st/r, sh/ne d/wson, or associates

  • homestuck ^2

  • voltron

  • others to be added, feel free to ask!


things with asterisks (*) mean that rule 9 applies!

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this is my one paid service.
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if there's something you want that i don't have listed, ask!

about me

hello! i'm mod wilbur/wil :)
i'm 21 and use they/he pronouns!

i'm a libra sun, sylph of breath, infp, and ravenclaw :)

i have an associates in video production and graphic design. right now i'm doing my BFA for motion pictures.

i have adhd, and i'm the host of a non-dx system (hence the system flag in the icon).

i'm a cosplayer, and i mainly post to tiktok.

i have a wonderful boyfriend, two amazing qpps, and a beautiful 3 year old corgi named Andi.

i take graphic design/photoshop comissions, which you can dm me about.


blog specific

#finished business - completed requests
#planchette - questions people have asked (sources/characters/etc)
#spectre speaks - updates and general chat
#clairvoyant - images i want to show off that weren't requests


#tw [thing] - trigger warning [thing]
#source [thing] - self explanitory
#[character] kin¹ - self explanitory
#mw [character]² - memories warning
#icon/aesthetic/etc -self explanitory

¹ if you want it tagged as fictive let me know; if you explicity do not want it tagged as kin, let me know; i will never tag factives as kin

² this is for people who have canons where they disliked/had bad relationships with certain characters. for example, an edit for character A with themes of being angry at character B will be tagged "#mw character B". you don't need to put this in your request, but you can if you feel inclined!

carrd commission

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(pro accts only)

please keep in mind my regular hourly rate is $30/hr for design. this carrd took ~2.5 hours to make. if you come to me and complain about my prices i will block you.